botanical field trip to schmirntal valley

i just returned from an excursion arranged by a club called blattform . it’s an open association of biologists and biology students.

we met at 6 am (and it’s sunday, just to remind you) to go to schmirntal valley on a 90-minute ride.
first, there was rainy weather, but by the time (and the height), it got sunshiny and warm.
we soar up about 700 meters (2300 ft) in height – from 1500 to 2300 meters (4900 to 7550 ft) – looking for specific auricle-hybrids.

i had a great time, being with a whole bunch of nice and knowing people – although i was the only second semester freshman…
anyway, i learned a lot of facts and details worth knowing, and i’m looking forward to the next excursion i can take part in.

[view photos]

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