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[posted: Saturday, 2009-01-24] [category: fun] [tags: ]

in 2008, ze frank has started a new project, which unfortunately ended before i even noticed it. it’s titled “color wars”.

my favourite competitions:

notice the book of the first one’s bronze winner?
it’s “life, the universe, and everything” from the hitchhiker trilogy. timeless literature! :)

[posted: Monday, 2006-08-28] [category: fun, video] [tags: ]

hahaha – i did it!!

theshow 08-28-06

[posted: Saturday, 2006-06-24] [category: fun] [tags: ]

sing-along songs for children with short attention spans
by ze frank

[posted: Thursday, 2006-05-18] [category: fun] [tags: ]

ze frank has found a way to make earth a better place:

by “simultaneously placing two pieces of bread on the ground directly opposite each other on the globe – thus making an earth sandwich. the fact that the earth has never been a sandwich is probably why things are so f*cked up.”

within 2 days, he’s already received more than 60 photos of bread on the ground from around the world.

his gallery is over there.

project page and current status

[posted: Thursday, 2006-04-27] [category: fun] [tags: ]

i know i’ve linked to the show already, but you’VE GOT to check this one out: 042606

“gonorrhoea – o-o-e-a”

ze should get a medal for this episode!

[posted: Saturday, 2006-04-08] [category: fun] [tags: ]

punctuation substitution, a revolutionary idea by ze frank.

also, check out the truth (especially, be sure to watch yesterday’s episode: 04-06-07)!

[posted: Tuesday, 2006-02-14] [category: fun, video] [tags: ]

as ze frank likes to say:

    flowers are the only things you can kill, wrap up in paper and give to someone without it being creepy.

    for example: here’s some dead puppies. they’re red. irish setters. red means i love you.

in that regard: happy valentine’s day!

he’s also done a valentines day video last year, and check out his blog (note part 5)!