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interdisciplinary is a popular word in biology.

This is an interdisciplinary program in which physics students try to hit psychology students with pendulums. my professors had an ongoing competition to get the weirdest thing taken seriously under the label "interdisciplinary program".

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fcuk you, penguin – a blog where they tell cute animals what’s what.
highlights: reindeer act like they dont know, i know you can hear me, fox and resorting to props is fcuking pathetic, raccoon (fcuk?)

xkcd: a guide to understanding flowcharts

label the world – labels for EVERYTHING!
reminds me of “pictures of things belong to the things they’re pictures of” by dewey’s friend chad (malcolm in the middle, season 6 episode 15).

i can has cheezburger: *boo!* and happy new year!

auditorium – a beautiful online game combining music, light and puzzles. i wasn’t this inspired by a puzzle game since “the incredible machine”.

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xkcd: morning
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happy belated valentine’s day!