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[posted: Wednesday, 2012-02-15] [category: fun, music] [tags: , ]
the ukulele orchestra of great britain at prinzregententheater, munich
the ukulele orchestra of great britain in concert - an evening of great music and british humour

dry, british humour is one of the best kinds of humour there is, and we got to enjoy a lot of that during the ukulele orchestra of great britain‘s recent concert in munich.

an example:

we brought some gifts, original british gifts, and even though “gift” means poison in german, we’d like to ask you to just go with it.
first, we have a teabag – an original english teabag – and also, a lovely saucer to place that teabag on. and then, there’s a “ukulele orchestra of great britain” badge, and a picture, which all of us have signed, and it’s a picture of a british bus.
*hands gifts to a random woman in the audience*