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[posted: Friday, 2013-05-10] [category: living pictures] [tags: , , ]

what fascinates me most about rock climbing, is that i learned to use parts of my body for the activities they weren’t originally made for (or were made for, depending on how far you look back). for example, squeeze two neighbouring fingers into a small crack in the middle of a rock face, twist your hand slightly, and see how these two fingers can support your entire body’s weight without problems! (disclaimer: try at your own risk!)

here are some lytro living pictures from a recent visit to tivoli kletterzentrum, innsbruck.
as always, click to refocus, click&drag to shift perspective.


[posted: Sunday, 2013-01-06] [category: photo] [tags: , , ]

another great weekend outdoors: rock climbing in the blue mountains on saturday, and learning to surf at manly beach with the UTS surf club and fellow couchsurfer tareq on sunday. celebratory sunday sushi: check. :)

saturday: rock climbing with carrie & john at dam cliffs, blue mountains
saturday, dam cliffs (blue mountains): carrie climbs “wet feet” (it’s what you get if you don’t make it to the third safety bolt), john belaying from the top.


[posted: Saturday, 2012-11-24] [category: photo] [tags: , , , ]

back in 2007, when my friends barbara, miriam and christian introduced me to rock climbing, my claim “there’s no way to get up there” was shattered by christian walking up the rock beside me, barefoot. trying to be a good scientist, i also tried other ways to get up, but decided i should concentrate on the “traditional way”. since then, my rock climbing opportunities were relatively scarce.

in the last few weeks, my enthusiasm for rock climbing was reawakened by carrie and john, and the stunning scenery of the blue mountains which is perfect for the sport.
here are some pictures from two climbing trips to mount piddington in the blue mountains national park. [more...]

[posted: Tuesday, 2012-11-06] [category: time lapse] [tags: , , ]

last weekend, i was (re)introduced to trad rock climbing by carrie & john. what better region to do that than the blue mountains?

here’s a time lapse video of our first climb at mount piddington, near mt. victoria nsw:

100 min. real time, 10 s interval, 24 fps = 240x speedup.

side note: the smallness and unimpressiveness of climbing nuts and cams is stunning, considering how many people trust their lives to them!