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[posted: Monday, 2011-04-04] [category: fun, photo] [tags: ]

found this two years ago, at the marina in denia (spain):

a very happy manhole, at denia marina

granted, there was some image manipulation involved, but even the unedited version (with just the grinning mouth) struck me as an extraordinarily happy manhole. see for yourself: [more…]

[posted: Saturday, 2009-03-28] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , ]

photoshop actions allow you to record and automate frequently used procedures, much like the “record macro” feature does in microsoft office.
for example you could automatically insert a text or image into a photo, move it to the top left corner (0/0), set opacity etc., and merge the layers.
it’s that easy! well, almost.

usually, copyright notices are placed in the bottom right corner of a photo, so you’ll get a problem if you’re working with different image sizes – i.e. landscape and portrait orientation.
the top corner will always be at 0/0 pixels, but the position of the bottom right corner is variable.

i’ve been searching for a solution to this for a very long time, and eventually settled with two separate photoshop actions – one for standard 640×480 (landscape), and one for 480×640 (portrait) photos. everything else had to be modified manually.