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photo: 21 hills, calperum mallee

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a few weeks ago, this outbacky-looking red dirt road led us to one of our research sites at calperum station near renmark, south australia. the namesake “21 hills” – one of these hills is ahead of us in the photo – are actually sand dunes covered lightly with mallee woodland.

driving through the 21 hills area, calperum mallee, south australia

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panorama: winter landscape

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these panoramas were recorded one (recent) icy winter morning. you can see the towns of absam (church on the far right), hall in tirol (approx. image center) and heiligkreuz (church on the far right) in the background of a snowy winter landscape.

panorama: absam, hall and heiligkreuz in winter

the second picture shows how much of a difference it makes when the point of view is modified to exclude the power poles: [more...]

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