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time lapse video: surprise christmas decoration

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here’s a little christmas time lapse video i recorded last year: for my mom’s birthday (shortly before christmas), my aunt hand-crocheted a full set of christmas ornaments. we decorated the tree while mom was gone, and then led her into the room when she returned. mom was blown away!

soundtrack: christmas time by franco castagnotto

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merry christmas!

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season’s greetings from northern queensland!

cairns christmas tree in the midst of tropical palms

i’m enjoying a few days off in mission beach, queensland (again :) ) after some amazing yet very intensive weeks at cape tribulation and the daintree rainforest observatory.

a small teaser of photos to come:

panorama: beautiful cape tribulation in far north queensland

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on gift wrapping, efficiency and environmental friendliness

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i first started this as a joke, but have realized that there are several advantages to “markus style” gift wrapping:

efficient gift wrapping, markus style
efficient gift wrapping, markus style

rumple a piece of wrapping paper, making sure it gets lots of irregular foldings and wrinkles.
find a way to cover your entire gift, try to keep the ends slightly overlapping on the upside.
use two or three small pieces of sticky tape to fasten the corners of paper together.

doing it this way, you can

  • save time
  • recycle (reuse old wrapping paper, nobody’s going to notice)
  • save on sticky tape (just fasten the corners, everything else should stay in place)
  • say “i did it myself!” proudly when handing it over, and most people should get the joke.

something else that goes very well with these gifts: self-made toddler-style invitation cards (use the hand you don’t usually use for writing, hold pens making a fist, insert silly spelling mistakes).

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time-lapse: christmas tree decoration

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just in time for christmas, here’s our christmas tree from last year.
actually, the video shows my mom decorating it, fast forward.


the ornament stars you can see in the video are home-crocheted, as are the golden balls.

if you’d rather download a file to your computer, there you go: [more...]

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