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bioluminescent fungi in a tropical rainforest

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bioluminescent fungi at cape tribulation, daintree rainforest i’ve always been fascinated by bioluminescent phenomena. in a relatively wide range of organisms, evolution at some point produced species that can produce light, from marine plankton in warm seas, to fireflies, to the famous deep sea anglerfish.
lesser known is the fact that damp wood can also give off a very faint glow in the forest at night. the bioluminescence in this case is produced by fungi, whose mycelium as well as fruiting bodies glow faintly. it is believed that this helps attract insects that will disperse their spores.

a recent research trip to the daintree rainforest in far north queensland, australia, gave me a first opportunity to see bioluminescent fungi. [more...]

australia flashback: blue water hole, cape tribulation

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working in the tropical rainforest of far north queensland doesn’t just mean you have an insane variety of tropical fruit available at your fingertips. it also means you can pop out for a swim in one of countless water holes, every now and then.

blue water hole, cape tribulation

pictured: the aptly named “blue water hole”, surrounded by lush rainforest, and almost always crocodile-free.

mount alexandra lookout, daintree national park [photo]

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mount alexandra lookout, or walu wugirriga (“look about”), is situated along the way from the mossman river ferry to cape tribulation.

stunning views from alexandra lookout (walu wugirriga), daintree national park

visitors are treated to a stunning view of the mount alexandra foothills, cape kimberley, snapper island, and the daintree river (ltr).

canopy crane [photo]

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what is a 55 meter jib liebherr crane doing in the middle of the rainforest? it’s certainly not making a lot of noise, when moving the crane box through the canopy!

here’s another photo of the daintree rainforest observatory’s canopy crane:

canopy crane, daintree rainforest observatory, cape tribulation

there’s some more information in my earlier post.

yellow leaf floating in blue waters [photo]

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this bright yellow leaf was floating on the calm blue waters of emmagen creek, cape tribulation.

the prettiest yellow leaf ever, floating in a calm blue pool at emmagen creek.

note how the water surface acts as a concave mirror in some spots, as it bends upward to the edges of the leaf!
(also, pay attention the sony rx100′s sweet 1.8 aperture!)

cape tribulation in lightfield pictures [lytro]

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we didn’t have a lot of time off in cape tribulation, but whenever we did, the lytro camera was always right in my pocket. well, so were the other two cameras, to be completely fair. ;)

here are a first few lightfield impressions from cape tribulation.
how to use: click to refocus, click&drag to shift perspective.

(lytro living picture: click to refocus, click&drag for perspective shift)
(view on lytro.com


up in the daintree rainforest canopy [photo]

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the daintree rainforest observatory features a canopy crane in the midst of the tropical lowland rainforest of cape tribulation. it covers approximately 1 ha of forest area and grants scientists access to over 740 trees of 82 species.

danielle, andrew and i, up in the daintree rainforest canopy

the above picture shows technician danielle, crane driver andrew, and yours truly, suspended in a little crane box above the rainforest canopy.
we spent most of our crane time in the early morning, just before sunrise. the utter silence of the sleeping rainforest, which gradually gives way to the sound of birds, is only excelled by the view of the sun rising behind the sea, and the first rays of light touching the canopy.