hawkesbury frogs!

two days of continuous rain re-filled all the little landscape depressions and ephemeral ponds with plenty of water around richmond. the first night without rain was ideal for frog-spotting. brianne […]

amphibians music video

check it out: a section of my time-lapse video of tadpole development was used (with permission) in the following music video for joe reilly’s “amphibians”. i think this is the […]

glass frog

in the forests of venezuela, there’s a rare frog that offers views i never dreamt of: the glass frog (cochranella antisthenesi) is partly transparent and lets you see directly into […]

coming up soon

i’m in the process of making another frog spawn time-lapse video. it looks quite promising so far: i’m getting high-resolution (both pixel- and time-wise) macro footage of 5 eggs. this […]