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[posted: Sunday, 2012-10-14] [category: twitter]
[posted: Sunday, 2012-10-07] [category: twitter]
  • first aussie barbie. :) #lytro #
  • the problem with being in the southern hemisphere… #xkcd #fb #
  • bad idea: biking through the grass in a foreign country (again). good idea: bringing a tire repair kit from austria, just in case. :) #
  • what a wonderful morning! #fb #
  • also, a bird crashed into my helmet while biking to work this morning. have i been dive bombed already? #
  • lefthand driving: slowly learning that the turn signal handle is on the right side doesn't mean i've learned that the wipers are on the left #
  • sunday morning breakfast: baked beans and toast. #
  • when australians say bushwalking, they mean it! #
[posted: Sunday, 2012-09-30] [category: twitter]
  • deutsche bahn just made up for 23 minutes of our 25 min delay, all within a 90 min timeframe. respect! #fb #
  • wow, just found ketjap manis at the local metro store! didn't see that coming! #indonesia #
  • goodbye, frankfurt! #fb #
  • goodbye, singapore! (also, airport airport's rooftop swimming pool rocks!) #fb #
  • good morning, sydney australia! #fb #
  • woke up to the sound of rainbow lorikeets in the flowering eucalyptus tree beside my window. #
[posted: Sunday, 2012-09-23] [category: twitter]
[posted: Sunday, 2012-09-16] [category: twitter]
  • "…and then i accidentally googled it, and …" – elisa #
[posted: Sunday, 2012-09-09] [category: twitter]
  • this is not how a good week starts. :\ #fb #
  • goodbye, paired sample test: some of my test subjects became the victims of neophyte clearing. :( #
  • "DDT is good for meee!" – the top 10 most dangerous ads #fb #
  • “10 am to 1 am“ (with dinner break) is what i call a long day at work. #
  • got up at 7:20 am on a saturday, after such a week. i should get a medal for that! (it'll be worth it, though!) #
[posted: Sunday, 2012-09-02] [category: twitter]
  • 5 Ways To Save Some Fucking Money #
  • can't think of any use for a tablet that a laptop or smartphone can't do more productively. that said, for just 200 € i NEED a #nexus7 #fb #
  • should seriously reconsider starting his own detective agency! #fb #
  • just completed a 250-line R script with some enormous loops. next step: semi-automatic processing of 1+ GB raw data. #fb #
  • no, wait: the actual next step is lunch! #