figl fun: firn gliding at seegrube, innsbruck

we recently spent the most perfect figl-sunday at seegrube, just above innsbruck.

figln (firn gliding, de: firngleiten) is a fun, regional sport that was, apparently, invented here in innsbruck in the 1950s. firn gliders are essentially short skis with a length of exactly 63 cm, where the binding is aligned with the very end of the board. the sport requires firn, the semi-liquid top layer of melting snow, which limits the activity to a few sunny days (or weeks) in spring, when there’s still enough snow around.

it’s A LOT of fun for everybody!
in the course of the day, the main figl routes turn into deep, curvy trenches that are even more fun to figl down in.

pictures after the break.

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