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[posted: Sunday, 2012-08-05] [category: twitter]
  • going to work by car today, i actually envied that little old lady that went by bike. thanks, @mattcutts! #30daybikechallenge #
  • i'm looking for an android app (or windows software) that chooses training music according to my pace/step frequency. any recommendations? #
  • tbillisi, georgia: an intriguing contrast of old and new #lytro #
  • biking down the mountain, and pandora decides to play my new zealand song: james blunt – you're beautiful. good times. #
  • maximum bike speed today: 55 km/h. fun! #
  • just forgot to spit out the water after brushing my teeth. the scary part: it's the second time today! #
  • impressive: the milky way, as seen from mars (this made me snicker!) #


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