twitter weekly: 2012-07-08

  • late-night sample collection in a summerly thunderstorm. (if you're wondering about the sunglasses: it was still b #
  • no matter what day or time (e.g. tuesday at 11:30 pm), i ALWAYS run into at least 2 colleagues at work. #universitylife #
  • google's new #jellybean voice search works great! i still think voice assistants aren't very practical in the long run. #
  • very cool: "a conversation with my 12 year old self" #fb #
  • new #lytro pics: 3-week-old baby dogs, cuddling #
  • jellybean is here! now waiting for a rooted stock rom. #android #fb #
  • was just *so* close to finding the answer to life… #
  • is leaving. :) #
  • runner 5 reporting from schoenbrunn, vienna, where he just saved a baby from the zombies and found some extra fuel #
  • honoured his late granny tonight by eating "a bit more in advance" – "because what if you don't like the foreign f #
  • conversation overheard at dinner last night: "hi, i'm … and this is my bachelor party." – elderly lady: "but why are your eyes so red?" #
  • on the midnight train to georgia. the country. well, and the morning flight. but still… :) #
  • a warm georgian welcome #

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