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[posted: Sunday, 2012-06-10] [category: twitter]
  • remind me why everything's always due at the same time? #fb #
  • an often overlooked effect of microscopy: iris illumination #
  • is done for today. well, yesterday, really… #
  • just realized that the kitchen height is *precisely* my current body height + the height of the kitchen chair seats. #
  • once more, it is time to go dig deep in my cabintes and find those three non-funny t-shirts i have. #fb #
  • they're really very comfortable! xkcd: shoes #
  • there i am, wearing my original #lytro t-shirt and telling fellow scientists how great bone conduction headphones work these days. #geektime #
  • atspb plant physiology conference, day 2. #
  • just found the world's worst-tasting electrolyte drink: vitacan. #
  • also: the effect of listening to music with a beat that fits your comfortable step frequency when running is absolutely stunning! #
  • behold jessy, the giant bipedal dog head. #
  • tasty pastry from luxembourg #lytro #


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