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[posted: Sunday, 2012-04-01] [category: twitter]
  • vanilla-flavoured ice cream sandwich. delicious! #fb #
  • a few days ago, i left my sunglasses on top of my car and drove 2 km of windy roads before realizing it. (1/2) #
  • … they fell off just when i turned the car around to go look for them. yay adhesion! (2/2) #
  • just got a glimpse of mr. @timminchin in rehearsal! #
  • mr. @timminchin at #altitudefestival also amazing: @rufushound, @terryalderton, @marcusbrig and @themiltonjones #
  • "i recently found out that my dad …is also my father!" – @themiltonjones #
  • 'marxism no longer corresponds to reality' says man in giant hat who speaks to invisible cloud people. #
  • a visit to camping hell? not today! #
  • tonight, @marcusbrig congratulated me (representative for the austrian people) for having pork in virtually every meal. #
  • just met the incredible comedian tim minchin in person. how can such a kind man sing those lyrics? #
  • today's lunch: roast pork, in accordance to last evening. :) #fb #
  • nice one: google street roo will use kangaroos to digitize the australian outback #fb #
  • i love how google pays attention to creativity in their april fools' jokes! #fb #
  • galaxy nexus' minimum focus distance (back camera) is about 5 cm. impressive quality! (inset shows 100 % crop) #


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