twitter weekly: 2011-04-17

  • surface area required to power the world with solar energy alone – far less, than i expected! #
  • thesis draft typo: "dry sights" instead of "dry sites" – guess i was close to a holiday at that point… #
  • IT is now being bound. #
  • i'm really just glad my pc didn't decide to fcuk up last night! #
  • the best dong in the world! #classictypos #
  • IT was turned in today. (and IT's gorgeous!) #
  • Htc sense integrates the united states of yourself in the doctor's office: i'm told it that the problem! — #
  • (this was proof that "thatcanbe…" works really well. ;) ) #
  • the 18 best obnoxious responses to misspellings on facebook. number 10 is my favourite. #
  • … and off i go. #
  • was allowed to bring my beloved swiss army knife through security because it's not longer than 6 cm. never heard of that rule before… #
  • lesson learned today: always ALWAYS doublecheck your backpack for knives before packimg. #
  • birch pollen levels are going to rise to a new record in the next few days. luckily, i'm now out of their reach… :) #

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