twitter weekly: 2011-03-20

  • RT @vladsavov: I really didn't have a grasp of Japan's woes until I saw this: #
  • 1337% of ? ? 42. happy #PiDay to you! (via @NerdClub) #
  • last night's pizza: non-dairy, gluten-free, and with the prescribed lack of tomato, peppers, other histamine-rich #
  • i case you're wondering: yes, jam sandwiches still tend to land on the jam side. well, at least mine just did. #
  • these collectible sticker sets get more and more confusing. it's a wonder, today's youth still manages to figure o #
  • RT @zefrank Happy 5 years sportsracers! replaying the show, itunes feedburner (surprises to come) #
  • today's top press release: "Just in time for Advent, BCNmultimedia announces the release of Children’s Bible 3.2 for iPhone, iPad." Advent? #
  • still so used to poisonous snakes, scorpions and parasites that i just thought twice before stepping in a patch of grass. #puravida #
  • also, the other day i caught myself looking for sloths in a big tree. #puravida #

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