twitter weekly: 2011-01-16

  • RT @mashable Magical Electronic Glasses Automatically Switch from Regular to Bifocal [PICS] – #
  • just stumbled about my mallorca song. flashbacks. :) #
  • The Most Inspirational Unofficial NASA Commercial Ever #
  • RT @Laurens_deGroot #SeaShepherd found the refuelling ship! Now we can shut them down completely! More news soon on #
  • RT @stephenfry You really do not want to mess with this hamster. He'll take you all on: #ninjahamster #
  • during a presentation: "what's the difference between natural and social science?" — that you can ask the audience questions in your pres.? #
  • i'm featured in today's youngme/nowme blog by @zefrank! #
  • after 270+ hours of writing (incl. statistics), my master's thesis document is 90 pages long and barely exceeds a 3.5" floppy disk. #
  • from an allergological point of view, life is finally becoming bearable again. now i just have to exterminate all feline pets. :-\ #

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