twitter weekly: 2010-12-05

  • how to make the google translate chick beatbox #
  • very cool: slow-motion video from a high speed train #
  • RT @stephenfry Reverse laminar flow – how cool is that? #
  • I Shot the Serif. #fonts #
  • htc sense integrates the latest facebook-/twitter-update, and birthday reminder when you talk to somebody. sweet. #
  • NASA conference on astrobiology discovery: "will impact the search for evidence of extraterr. life" today at 8 pm (GMT+1) #
  • RT @androidcentral No, folks. Updating Flash updates Flash, updating the Market updates the Market. #
  • nikolauseinzug in nassereith, und vor mir diskutieren 3 50jaehrige maenner, ob sie heuer brav genug fuer ein nikolaussaeckchen waren. #
  • a little boy just gave st. nicholas a two page wishlist plus a page from a catalogue. #

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