twitter weekly: 2010-11-28

  • even fortune cookies have their perils… #
  • "The Internet is a great way to get on the Net" –Bob Dole #
  • RT @newscientist New Scientist time-lapse TV: Dark energy detector built before your eyes #
  • how much of a geek are you actually? the world geek IQ test says i'm a "neophyte" (how fitting; 65 % correct answers) #
  • aimaniacs: be careful what you eat. "zinc trisodium, aspartate, sorbitol and bisulfate…" #
  • RT @KineticalDummy Christmas Eve falls on a Friday this year. I really hope it's not Friday the 13th. #
  • i just won a free cellphone unlock code (blackb./motorola/samsung/nokia/LG/HTC/SE/Siemens/…) from does anybody need one? #
  • you wouln't believe what *i'm* doing… #
  • "Any further complaints can be directed toward my ass, where I'm sure you'll receive a warm response." #sleeptalkinman #
  • pie chart: what people do when it snows #
  • "DNA only has four letters because the alphabet was smaller back then." #xkcd #
  • the newest winamp beta lets you sync your music to android devices via wifi. niccccce! #
  • so histamine is related to allergic reactions and regulation of gastric acid production, circadian rhythm and appetite control? interesting! #
  • but much more importantly: what a nice company christmas party! #

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