twitter weekly: 2010-11-07

  • animaniacs: countries of the world. check out the size of switzerland, and where all US citizens now think austria is: #
  • also, what the heck is below south america in that map? #
  • it's 3:40 am and i'm still wide awake. #
  • animaniacs: song about multiplication "just buy a calculator, you can multiply too!" #
  • just saw @BigBoyler (chris o'dowd) in the new trailer for "gulliver's travels". looking forward to the movie! #
  • it turns out two users can simultaneously view & edit a google doc spreadsheet, google wave style. pretty cool! #
  • just received my first actual couchsurfing request. :) #
  • RT @echeng "No, You're Stupid: How Different Smartphone Users View Themselves (And Others)" #
  • only in tyrol will you see a young boy playing the accordeon while walking home from school. o_O #

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