twitter weekly: 2010-10-24

  • the onion news: colorado wildfire spreads to moon #
  • how nice: on the nike+ website, you'll find austria amongst all the other english-speaking countries. #
  • first detection of the european free-tailed bat (tadarida teniotis) in austria: (german link, but incl. audio) #
  • RT @kinder_f_kinder Nur noch 3 Tage bis zum Benefizkonzert – letzte Chance für Karten-Vorverkauf! #
  • had to switch back to an emergency dumbphone, and i keep wanting to touch the display to navigate through the menu. #
  • an incredibly beautiful picture of a fruitfly embryo: (confocal microscopy + labelled membrane proteins) #
  • just finished cleaning *the entire kitchen* after a freak accident with a moldy lemon (i.e. serious spore explosion), and now i'm… (1/2) #
  • … wondering what others did on this fine saturday night. (2/2) #
  • the charity concert has started. #
  • big audience. #

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