twitter weekly: 2010-09-19

  • in the participants list of an upcoming conference, i'm noted down as "australian" instead of "austrian". i wish. #
  • hello copenhagen! #
  • i just saw my first #prezi presentation. blown away. #
  • biologist: "i am here to present the work of my colleague who, sadly but understandably, has moved to a more secure job in the car industry" #
  • today: more presentations on biological invasions #neobiota2010 #
  • if this wasn't a biologist's conference, there would be some potential for misunderstandings. #neobiota2010 #
  • a 60 minute kanalrund-fart? sounds like a smelly adventure! #
  • RT @mashable Half credit card and half gadget? Check out the video demo of Card 2.0: #
  • dammit, i missed talk like a pirate day! (article from 2009) #

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