twitter weekly: 2010-07-26

  • 3 days, 3 completely different weather forecasts, 3 different travel plans. #
  • last night: "hi, do you have any free cabins for tonight?" – "you've got good nerves?" – "i guess, why?" – *points to clock* (1030 pm) #
  • wow, really? whale pot, whale steak on a restaurant menu in lofoten, norway #
  • waiting for the ferry on the little island of væroy, at a closed cafe named "cafe" (yes, it's the only one). #
  • two nights ago: the sun set for the first time in two weeks. #
  • just had the very best (and first) fish soup in my entire life, at brygge restaurant, værøy (the only restaurant on the island). #
  • you've learned much, young padavan! (matt's notes on the tourist city map) #
  • it's 21 deg celsius outside, and i feel like even my t-shirt is too much to wear. #

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