twitter weekly: 2010-07-19

  • from our fishing trip with mimmi and anton around seiland. from the sea directly into the pan. delicious :) #
  • we hiked to knivsjelodden (continental europe's northernmost point) last night, camped there, and were woken by heavy rains and storms that broke our tent. :) #
  • alta, norway: "which bus takes us to the camping places?" – "there is no bus, you have to walk the 4 km." #
  • "jetzt ist sommer – egal ob man schwitzt oder friert. sommer ist, was in deinem kopf passiert." (wise guys) #
  • midnight sun at midnight – tromsø, norway. #
  • uh oh… weather warnings (heavy rainfall + strong wind) coming up. :( #
  • i guess it's a bad time to explore norway with a tent and sleeping bag. #
  • did you know that a flight from oslo to southern portugal costs only about 10 euro? #
  • my circadian rhythm is even more screwed up than usual. #midnightsun #
  • 2 hot chocolates and a small piece of cake: 147 NOK = 18,4 EUR. it is quite delicious, though. #

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