twitter weekly: 2010-06-14

  • nasa scientists discover possible evidence for life on titan #
  • somebody from eastern austria actually asked us whether there are any mountain passes in tirol that can be traversed by car. #
  • this conference really got to me: apparently i was sleeptalking about … #
  • …"measuring hydraulic conifer needle conductivity in (angiosperm) tree leaves" last night. #
  • home sweet work. #
  • i'd say we're ready to fire it up. :) #
  • yesyes! #barbecue #
  • xkcd: modern book burning #
  • google maps navigation is now also available in most of europe (incl. austria)! #
  • just tested the real-time bus info at – it's accurate, but i suggest shortening the url to all those useless #
  • sweet: google merges street view with user photos #
  • i honestly don't know what i would do without google calendar! #
  • flashmob-flashmobbing: taking a bag of red clown noses to a "freeze" flashmob and having some unfrozen fun of your own. #randomidea #

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