twitter weekly: 2010-05-24

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  • the quietness of the night: invaluable! #
  • Lese gerade: Facebook-Integration in OS 4.0? #iphone #
  • please tell me this is not a tank truck full of breast milk! (picture taken at a rest stop in italy.) #
  • HTC countersues Apple. "Extremely unlikely but perversely satisfying potential scenario: All three … (1/2) #
  • ..companies win all their lawsuits, preventing all of them from selling any products whatsoever and driving them all out of business." (2/2) #
  • ghostbusters come back to NY public library: guard: "sir, what are you doing?" – ghost: "um, haunting the library." #
  • i (semi-automatically) geotagged about 5.000 pictures today. :) #
  • sneak peak: whale wars season 3 (via @SeaShepherd) #
  • pinky the cat – pet of the week. #
  • preparations for tomorrow. #flowerpower #
  • if you had to choose, would you rather go for adventure or safety? #
  • i just used "…until half past midnight, then i have to continue to work" in a conversation. #
  • suspect fail #fail #
  • mallorca: dogs are not considered organic waste. please use the designated dog bins. #
  • muslims protest "draw muhammad day", a movement to protect freedom of expression: (facebook page: ) #
  • be sure to tune in for season 5 of heroes: i'm not sure i want to see the new super-powers. ;) #
  • scientists successfully create and test first synthetic bacterial genome. #
  • Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first synthetic living cell. #
  • have you noticed google's tribute to the pacman anniversary? coolest google doodle ever! #
  • what the… "Inzwischen den Salamander einschalten oder das Backrohr vorheizen." i need an electric salamander! #
  • twitter account becomes tv sitcom: $#*! my dad says or @shitmydadsays #
  • finally got a chance to test a "milk-o-maton". if i understand it correctly, as you insert a coin, a cow gets grab #
  • I am tweeting with my voice. #
  • about to meet @olidax and the guys from @oewf. right now: wrong roof. #
  • phileas, experimental mars rover #oewf #
  • the auoda space suit being tested #oewf #
  • the auoda space suit being tested #oewf #
  • today, the cat successfully digested: 1 sachet of whiskas meat, 1/2 bowl of dry crunchies, 1 bird. no, wait – strike that last one. #
  • also – guess who's looking after the cat today! #
  • #oewf space suit simuation tester ulrich luger explains the technology that's integrated into the glass dome and c #
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