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[posted: Monday, 2010-05-10] [category: twitter]
  • OMG, it's here, it's here! :) #
  • oops, i almost missed #starwarsday .. may the 4th be with you! #
  • RT @donholzi Heute wurden wir von einem sehr freundl. mitarbeiter von google vom google gelände eskortiert :-D.. war auch seeehr interesant #
  • RT @SleepTalkinMan "I love you. No, sorry, I missed some words out. I love it when the world shits on you. Yeah. That's the full sentence." in reply to SleepTalkinMan #
  • the media's conspiracy against the catholic church started a lot earlier than most people think… (taken in palma #
  • google chrome speed test: lightning fast! #
  • facebook – you're doing it wrong. #
  • youngme/nowme: spaghetti #ymnm #
  • who knew math could be so simple? #
  • RT @WWF BREAKING: Large Air Spill At Wind Farm. No Threats Reported. Some Claim To Enjoy The Breeze. #
  • what a love song: drowned by mr. @timminchin #
  • can't help smiling. :) #
  • a good one from #sleeptalkinman "Turn it off!" (listen to the audio clip!) #
  • RT @SarahPalinU5A I'm so heartbroken about this spill in the gulf situation. All those animals. They're polluting our oil. #
  • i just received fresh cake, a muffin and danish pastry – all within 15 minutes. must be my lucky day. :) #
  • RT @serafinowicz if microsoft made actual windows, our homes would be full of thieves and prostitutes. #
  • two options for tonight: (1) an all-nighter catching up with work, or (2) going to sleep and just accepting that work piles up even more. #
  • early sunday morning innsbruck, now heading south. #
  • after a series of about 10 involuntary powernaps, we've reached our accommodation in scarlino, tuscany. it's quite nice down here. :) #


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