please help me identify this song!

can you help me identify a song?
it’s been stuck in my head for two days now, and all i have is a short sequence from what i believe is the chorus.
you can listen to it with the righthand box (theme repeats once).

some clues:

  • i think i remember this song being similar in style to til kingdom come by coldplay.
    other bands that come to my mind: creedence clearwater revival or simon and garfunkel (as in keep the customer satisfied), and – strangely – five for fighting.
  • also, i do think that there’s (1) a copula, (2) a personal pronoun and (3) a present continuous verb at the beginning of the clip, such as “(so/and/but) i’m waiting” or “she’s going” etc.
  • the first note (pickup) and corresponding word might not actually be in the song.

any ideas?

update: if you kind-of remember the song (more of it) but don’t know the title, you can try hum it to

2nd update, 2010-08-17: i just found it: it’s “the captain” by guster (listen at skreemr).
the lyrcs fragment in question was “i’m earning a reputation”.

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