twitter weekly: 2010-03-29

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  • Why Read It Later improves web reading productivity #
  • modaco custom rom 3.2 for htc hero is lightning-fast! it's worth upgrading, even if you're just waiting for the android 2.1 update. #
  • modaco custom rom 3.2 for htc hero is available here: #
  • zu den "Rechten", die man bei einem Austritt aus der röm. kath. Kirche verliert: "Sie können die… [1/2] #
  • … Kommunion nicht mehr empfangen (Oblaten von Manner finden sie [hier])" [2/2] #
  • cool: freiflüge von qatar airways + mehr zu gewinnen mit #checkfelix #
  • RT @KevynPM: Hahaha RT @OTOOLEFAN: History repeats itself, folks. This is just like the 30s when the Nazis tried to give ev.body healthcare! #
  • thanks to @paethon and the blond one for pointing me towards "The IT Crowd". it's ridiculously funny! #
  • the world's only immortal animal #
  • google redirects chinese site to hong kong and delivers uncensored search results to china #
  • at the doctors office with at least 2 hours of waiting time. luckily, there's #readitlater and #paperdroid #
  • animated timeline of the international space station #
  • america's first 4G cellphone: HTC Evo #
  • WTF Japan Seriously? #
  • friendface – this is how facebook etc. works #
  • RT @MarsRovers New software upgrade enables the rover Opportunity to choose (on her own!) targets to investigate: #
  • youtube choir, collaboration of 250 singers #
  • went into a shop looking for sunglasses, came out with running shoes and a soft shell jacket. :-\ #
  • talk about civil courage: i had to cut my bike lock with big red pliers today, and people who walked by just ignored me. #
  • only one person came up to me and said "i hope that's your bike!? you know, most people use a key…" #
  • photoshop's new feature "content-aware fill" is mindblowing. #
  • i need a new adventure. tonight's presentation by someone who cycled from munich to beijing didn't help that very much. #
  • RT @wwf Have you signed up for Earth Hour 2010? Just 31 hours to go! #EarthHour2010 #
  • turning the lights off now. #earthhour #
  • RT @qikipedia People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one – LEO J BURKE #
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