twitter weekly: 2010-03-14

  • why did htc leave a 3.5 mm headphone jack out of the G1? #apple #lawsuit #
  • african rhythm/musik is one of the few things that make me actually wanna dance: diski dance commercial #diski #
  • video found through #wherethehellismatt #diski #
  • how come the only time I ever have a toothache is when I've just been to the dentist? #
  • this morning, i finished a packet of milk that was 5 days past its expiration date but still good! having your own laminar flow is neat. ;) #
  • RT @serafinowicz Tautology (n): that which is tautologous; a tautology #
  • the ultimate typo: just wrote "typo" instead of "type". #
  • Bluefin tuna trade ban gains EU backing #
  • academy award winning movie trailer – hilarious idea. #

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