twitter weekly: 2010-03-07

  • RT @serafinowicz If I had to, I'd choose the kind of mermaid whose upper half was a fish. #
  • android mini collecitbles: very cute. #
  • it's getting so late, i'm thinking about just staying up and working ahead, instead of getting up again early in the morning… #sundaynight #
  • xkcd: dice game mixup #
  • wow: oyoyoyoh song (via @zefrank) #
  • RT @instantwebmeets Inexpensive gene copier for handheld DIY molecular biology #
  • Remarkable Stats on the State of the Internet [VIDEO] #
  • my mouth is going numb. always wanted to tweet from a dentist chair. ;) #
  • RT @zefrank 4 out of 5 french people think that they are part of 3 out of 4 french people #
  • i know this is nothing new, but it feels great to see somebody after it's been far too long. :) #
  • beta-testing #swype for android. very fluent, almost from the first attempt. cool stuff! #
  • you were a very convincing cheshire cat, mr. @stephenfry #

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