twitter weekly: 2010-02-07

  • RT @MarsRovers Check out the "street-view" of Spirit's address at Troy. Download & take the 360-degree tour. (mov file) #
  • online murder #failbooking #
  • one bad #iphone app #
  • – just realized that i considered this a "calmer week". well, several of the events are in the "social life" categ #
  • mmh, the smell of fresh coffee… makes me wanna throw up. #
  • dammit! the next @oewf meeting is coming up next week, and i'll be abroad. wonder if i'll ever make it! #
  • the circle of leaf #
  • Gewinne ein 16GB #Apple #iPad beim #TouchTalk #Podcast — Retweete und mach mit! #
  • next time i need something from the pharmacy, i'll carry 50 loose eggs and ask the chemist for something against high cholesterol. #
  • for my next trip, i actually received a printed-out, paper form ticket. i didn't think these are still in use anywhere! #
  • – "das EI mit dem gewissen EGGstra" – a bilingual pun i saw today. rare occasion. #
  • signing off for a few days. :) #
  • perfect start #
  • there's a pirate staying in this hotel, and i have photographic evidence! also, he's in his mid-30s and seems to be with his mom. #

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