twitter weekly: 2010-01-03

  • Lese gerade: Lie #11: The Palm Pre Is the Ultimate iPhone Killer #
  • just found the following appointment in my calendar: "mon 2009-12-28, 19:00-20:00, title: monday". #
  • RWW: 8 Things Every Geek Needs to Do Before 2010. (badly behind with #7) #
  • just heard a toddler talk about mr. bean. timeless comedy! #
  • haha, nice one: apple approves "tits & boobies" and "pussy lovers" apps. biology FTW! #
  • new year's resolutions. i had already planned on #1, #9 i did this year. :) #
  • lead shape astrology nonsense is entertaining, but why is there no enyry for doubletailed manta rays? #
  • go to and click "i'm feeling lucky" w/ no text entered. #
  • antibiotics for new year's eve? seems to become a tradition… #
  • newest realization: the point at which you turn to youtube at a party is the same at which the older generation starts singing to a guitar. #
  • news of @SeaShepherd seem to really get to me: last night, i dreamt that i was on one of their ships in the antarctic. #
  • RT @oewf RT @Planck A few hours ago the Earth was at its closest to the Sun in its elliptical orbit. #Perihelion #

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