twitter weekly: 2009-12-06

  • suggestion #fail #
  • RT @SeaShepherd Whales save seal from orcas #
  • haha: somebody entered "" at :) #
  • have been up for 19 hours and still can't seem to go to sleep :-| #
  • gooood morning! 2 lightbulbs in separate rooms burned through wenn i turned their light switches this morning. #
  • congrats! RT @oewf We'll get our own space suit lab for Aouda. Yippie!!! #
  • great news: simon delivered the charity money to ugari (kenya) and there's lots of construction going on. everybody's pretty happy! immd! :) #
  • if you don't know what my previous tweet is about: and #
  • professor explained the important characteristics of a chryptomonad cell by pointing at the pc screen in front of him, not the big canvas. #
  • grocery store musical w/ hidden cameras. very cool. their lunch musical is great, too: #
  • now that macdonalds has free wifi in austria, i know exactly what i'm gonna do: #
  • great. #
  • rhyming is really easy once you discover that you can just make up words and add a glossary at the end. :) #
  • boingboing: improv everywhere performance "robert gets lost at knicks game" #
  • droid ad calls the iphone "a tiara-wearing, digitally clueless, beauty pageant queen" #
  • cat5 lifeline #
  • RT @serafinowicz Guy in Tesco's just freaked out because I asked him to pack my groceries alphabetically. This country! #
  • RT @serafinowicz Freddie Mercury got his nickname because he always knew what the temperature was. #

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