twitter weekly: 2009-11-22

  • woke up because of my own laughing today. dreamt that friends did a really cool "power puff girl" immitation complete with costumes. #
  • answer #fail #
  • meine neue antwort auf die frage "was kann man als biologe einmal machen" lautet: "ein gnuhu erschaffen – halb gnu, halb uhu" #
  • i'll be talking about my encounter with the rare kakapo (NZ, on thursday. let me know if you're interested. #
  • ist here really NO way to generally turn of auto-capitalization on the HTC hero?? #
  • particle physics gives me a hadron. #
  • just heard owl city's fireflies for the first time, and love the song! #
  • very cool: a list of our very extended family and degree of relationship. #evolution #
  • RT @RichardDawkins 'Hey, preacher – leave those kids alone' by Ariane Sherine – #
  • last chance: big screen presentation of our bike trip from austria to spain, today at 8 pm. if you're interested, contact me. #
  • don't worry: your secret is safe with me …and facebook. #
  • done with work & uni. might watch the latest episode of south park now… #
  • mmhhh, it's almost done! #

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