twitter weekly: 2009-10-25

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  • sunday is the most stressful day of the week. closely followed by saturday. …and i'm not talking about time off! #
  • – long day of field work. very cold at times, exhausting at times, but …good times! :) #
  • subwoofer cat: #ichz #
  • first vegetarian spider known to science – #
  • unreleased paul mccartney song – (via @serafinowicz) #
  • RT @serafinowicz Amazon's shopping carts don't work outside of the store. #
  • benefizkonzert der wiltener sängerknaben für eine schule in kenia am 23.10. (bitte retweeten/facebook-sharen!) #
  • dsl connection not working today. online via gprs, and slowly dying while trying to load a single webpage. #
  • RT @oewf Wow Martian Dust Devil tracks #
  • bought an oebb vorteilscard (austrian train discount card), came home, and found one already sitting on my desk. doh! #
  • stimmgewaltige hilfe für ugari, kenia – #
  • if things don't change very soon, i'm afraid my head's goig to fall off. #
  • RT @instantwebmeets Animating the XKCD "I Love the Internet" strip #
  • a flowchart to determine what religion you should follow: (via @hemantmehta) #
  • it's an extraordinary day. i'm even wearing my classy belt. :-p #
  • little boy in my train compartment: "there's an OLD danube? HOW old is it?" #
  • 8-year-old-boy's mom: "what are the austrian provinces?" – "umm, dornbirn?" #
  • mom: "we're coming through [city], we could stop by your aunt." – 8yo-boy: "yeah, that's what i need. i'd rather eat vegetable risotto!" #
  • – i didn't think i'd EVER watch a beethoven opera whilst eating kebab. #
  • it feels weird quitting an activity after 4.5 years of continuous committment. #
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