twitter weekly: 2009-09-20

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  • pufferfish have the shortest known genome of any vertebrate. (via @qikipedia) #
  • jellyfish usually die after propagating. turritopsis nutricula just returns to a polyp state and starts over (=biological immortality) #
  • wikipedia entry on turritopsis nutricula: #
  • i was so busy collecting all the information for biology fresh(wo)men that i don't have a clue what my own choices are this semester… #
  • i cut my finger on the seat of my car today. it's time to lay down and stay in bed for a while… #
  • this summer, even my parents were surprised to see how much i tan if i spend enough time outdoors. working too much. #
  • my day may have started an hour late, but it started well. #
  • RT @SeaShepherd Japan Gets Its First Chance to See The Cove – TIME #
  • – when we drove through st. anton last summer, we somehow didn't notice the nuclear roundabout… #
  • mein marmeladebrot ist heute morgen auf der brotseite gelandet. was will man mehr? #
  • RT @serafinowicz Using Twitter. #
  • RT @zefrank :: a little movie about electrical sockets #
  • Bizarre Tongue-Eating Parasite Discovered Off the Jersey Coast – #
  • #wolframalpha is good! #
  • #myparentsjoinedfacebook: divorce – #
  • got myself some ice-cream, then forgot about it and remembered 20 minutes later. wonder if i've got ADH… oh look, something shiny! #
  • where can i get some shark repellant bat spray? (note there are 4 specific kinds! i bet "whale" comes in handy too) #
  • i be hearin it's talk like a pirate day and i almost missed it. arr! #
  • mmhhh, armadillos! #
  • – "fuer den landesschuetzenkommandant ist der landesfestumzug der hoehepunkt in seiner schuetzenkarriere." – he … #
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