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[posted: Sunday, 2009-08-09] [category: twitter]
  • dammit, last 4 txt tweets didn't make it through. here they come… #
  • 09-07-31 20:40 115 km, now in sagunto ES. if all goes well (=better than today), we'll reach denia tomorrow evening. hungry. #
  • 09-08-01 17:37 anton's tire just exploded. only 46 km to our final destination. big fat hole in outer tube. looking for sports shop … #
  • … in the middle of nowhere. #
  • 09-08-01 21:55 we made it! just arrived at our vacation home. 2202 km, 134 hours and roughly 52000 calories burned. hungry. #
  • 09-08-02 20:00 celebrating our bike trip(s) with paella mixta & paella valenciana. crema catalana for dessert. niccccce! #
  • here in spain, everything seems to be just a wee bit smaller… #
  • just out of curiosity: if you've been following our bike trip updates, please drop me a note (wherever you're reading this). #


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