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[posted: Sunday, 2009-08-02] [category: twitter]
  • yesterday, at the spanish border. #
  • the occasional feeling that i'm actually flying beside my bike tells me that i'm still not eating enough calories. or is it the endorphines? #
  • today our minuscule tents are set up in santa susanna ES. 101 km, mostly headwind. we even have a table & chairs here! 40 km to barcelona. #
  • saludos desde sitges. 105 km. with the hot noons, we're trying to shift our active time to mornings (not working) and evenings (better). #
  • made halt west of miami platja ES (miami beach). still w/ team A. spanish roads just magically turn into highways w/ no alternative route. #
  • after another 100 km we're camping in peniscola ES tonight (wavy line above the N. still: name fail!). noons get hotter and hotter. #
  • with so much tire repair experience (3 more flat tires today), we can basically fix a flat tire 2 mins before there's a hole in the tube. #


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