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[posted: Sunday, 2009-07-26] [category: twitter]
  • today's lunch break in a walnut plantation near saint-marcellin FR. now enjoying cold sprite and free wifi at macdo #
  • testing gps service. we're here now: #
  • current gps info: N 45*02.287, E 05*03.335 #
  • anton's attempt at a 'we're eating tarte des fruits' self portrait. #
  • btw, team A passed through monaco a few hours ago. #
  • arrived in saulce FR at 8pm today, after a 150 km journey. also, we hit the 1000 km mark in the afternoon. celebrating w/ gummibears. #
  • seems like i've finally managed to dig out the dusty little cardboard box labelled 'vocabulaire francais' from the far back of my mind. oui! #
  • the only constant in life is change. the only constant today was headwind. strong headwind. 75 km, now in orange, FR. #
  • more headwind today, so strong that we had to get off the bike a few times. still, completed 75 km to arles FR. #
  • team A went an incredible 149 km to salon-de-provence FR today. no campground there, so an old lady lets them stay in her garden. #
  • going to meet up with team A tomorrow near montpellier FR. they must have been cheating. ;) #
  • arles, france. old town center. #
  • 'und wir fahrn auch über wasser wenn da brücken sind. hey der typ hat ne meise aber rückenwind.' scenic detour to st-maries-de-la-mer. n … #
  • dinner w/ team A, just south of montpellier. they did 250km in 2 days to meet up! it's only been 12 days, but so many stories to tell. #
  • teams A & B this morning, ready to start. #
  • parted w/ team A around noon. now in valras-plage FR (108 km). team A (they enjoy extensive lunch-breaks) now in vias (93 km). #
  • today's title in our journal: flat tire and torn wire. just changed a bike tire and improvised (quite well) on anton's gear switch mechanism #
  • got as far as st cyprien FR. that's 125 km, albeit our emergency repair stop. team A in bompas FR. last phase starts tomorrow. #
  • buenas tardes de figueres ES! crossed the spanish border with team A at 4 pm today (more tire problems), now preparing pasta for 4. #


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