twitter weekly: 2009-07-19

  • just reached the arlbergpass near st christoph. coordinates: N 47©0 #
  • 7.788' EO 10©12.624 altitude: 1802 m #
  • just arrived at walenstadt, switzerland. 117 km today, and we crossed ALL OF liechtenstein. team A now in trento, italy. #
  • arrived in zug, CH at 6pm. 90 km. rainy morning, then sunny. beautiful scenery. drove across the long pedestrian boardwalk in rapperswil. #
  • made it to burgdorf. 114 km today. the swiss will only greet back if you use the magic word 'gruezi' (n=78, p=0.028). team A: brescia, IT. #
  • now in neuchatel CH. everything's french. across the street from a creperie, so tempting. team A in piacenza IT. andi: thanks #
  • crap. heavy thunderstorm w/ lots of lightning&rain. stuck under motorway-bridge outside of morges CH. hope we'll at least get to geneve. #
  • rain didn't stop, so we ended up in saint-prex today. still raining, hoping for better weather tomorrow. animal sacrifice, maybe? ;-) #
  • two days ago: little brother and i in rapperswil CH. #
  • in case i didn't mention it yet: our final destination is denia, spain. 621 km so far, ~1400 km to go. team A now in alessandria, IT. #
  • today's weather: wet, cold, windy. now double-waterproofing all our stuff. leaving soon. #
  • weather still hasn't improved, so we're off. about 12 deg celsius, feels like -20. bye-bye wifi. #
  • crossed all of CH in 6 days, now in neydens FR. sky cleared up in late afternoon. tomorrow we're heading south. #
  • bonjour from whatever the lake at montferrat FR is called. 119 km up-down-u-d-u-d. had to retighten my sunglasses twice. head shrinking? #
  • watching microbats hunting at the lake. they keep touching the surface, either drinking water or fishing. amazing in both cases. #

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