twitter weekly: 2009-06-28

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  • people are hardly ever who they seem to be. or who they say they are. #
  • updating the profile picture takes longer and longer, what with twitter, facebook, studivz, … #
  • "yahoo answers fail", the real page: (via failblog: ) #fail #
  • "a social network for two" by @zefrank #
  • RT: @olidax: – In case of a fire alarm don't use … :-D #
  • inspired by all those annoying chain emails? RT: @zefrank: HardTimes :: Five People :: #
  • "Ich bin Herr Patrick KW Chan Vizepr?sident & Executive Off. der Bank ofChina Ltd, Hong Kong. Ich habe ein lukratives Gesch?ft Foren Schlag" #
  • i love the fact that cheap new cellphone rates are usually tested in austria. it's such a small market htat possible losses are very limited #
  • in other news, bob's new "big bob" rate is so ridiculously cheap, i read the details 3 times, looking for a hitch: #
  • RT: @olidax: Pacman in Social Networks :-D #
  • today at choir practice, i realized that i had packed the invoice folder insetad of the sheet music folder. state of mind: overloaded. #
  • if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out, a song by tim minchin – #
  • tim minchin's "peace anthemn for palestine" – very compelling! #
  • RT: @olidax: Cool: 10 most unreal landscapes on earth :-) #
  • just realized: i hate crowded places, even if they're only on tv. #
  • sea shepherd announces new antarctic research project. "…to research non-lethal means for defending whales." #
  • "…research into japanese ship’s hull plate thickness, vessel stress tests, …and whaler behavior in response to olfactory stimulation.” #
  • master yoda swears: #
  • listening to michael andrews – mad world via skreemr #
  • for his english graduation (special subject: new zealand & maori), my little brother ignored my vital piece of advice: talk with NZ accent. #
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