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[posted: Sunday, 2009-06-21] [category: twitter]
  • you know it's been a perfect summer day when you're driving home at 11:30 pm, and you need *just a little bit* of air-con. #
  • please come swimming! i promise to behave! #
  • one month from now, i should aldready be in the middle of switzerland. still no sports allowed, though. :( #bike09 #
  • this practical class on an alpine research station is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike what we expected. day 1 just ended 10 min. ago. #
  • – great views from up here – once the weather clears up, that is. #patscherkofel #
  • received the go-ahead for training. yay! #
  • this practical class is actual research: experiments untested, new goals as we obtain data, nobody knows the outcome. exciting (for geeks)! #
  • cute: "dis my otter half." – #ichc #
  • there's so much police at patscherkofel ground station that i doubt anybody's watching the rest of tirol. there's either sb. very import … #
  • RT: help protect identity of Twitter users updating from Iran, change your location to Iran, timezone GMT+3.30 hrs #Iranelection #
  • "homo sapiens: diligently inventing ways to…" – #ichc #
  • a perfect combination: cold weather, late evening, family & good friends and a hot tub. #


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