twitter weekly: 2009-05-03

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  • venus flytrap fail: #
  • is photobomb: the galactic empire joins the catholic empire. #
  • two of my highschool classmates are now teachers themselves. add two friends this fall. my generation is officially getting old. #
  • awful spelling mistake: “two”, not “to” #
  • 2 days ago (this time of day), i stumbled across DSPS: …interesting. can’t remember waking up spontaneously before 11am. #
  • somebody who constantly makes mistakes pronouncing ‘incompatibility’ shouldn’t give a presentation on self-incompatibility in plant reproduction. #
  • xkcd: “swine flu – twitter is great for watching uninformed panics unfold live.” #
  • how swine flu spreads… #
  • i’ll take four, please: organic thin film solar power “plant” #
  • a bit old, but very cool: news-article for the solar-cell leaves #
  • i’m in the wrong movie and there’s no remote. :-\ #
  • – google 2084 #
  • – would you expect a car like this to stand next to you at a traffic light? #
  • set up pc of mom’s acquaintance today, and one of the first steps was installing firefox. they don’t have internet connection. habits… #
  • are “organic” pears from argentina any better than conventional pears from south africa? #
  • – fastest camera ever built takes 6.1 million pictures in a single second, in which light only travels a few cm! #
  • RT: @mashable: Do you have swine flu? #
  • RT @zefrank: was given an astronaut pen. said it could write upside down. i tried. it spelled “upsid doon”. i want a replacement. #
  • RT @BlkDragon96 “@zefrank: You must have gotten the Scottish edition of the astronaut pen.” #
  • older post, but worth visiting: “clsm animation, or: what i did last week” #microscopy #
  • cute banana artwork: #
  • RT @almightygod The varieties of Biblical marriage: #
  • – too much eggcitement. #
  • when twitterfox can’t help me, troy’s twitter script (by @troynt) will step in. #
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