twitter weekly: 2009-04-26

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  • wow: – 47 year-old susan boyle on “britain’s got talent” #
  • hilarious: #
  • today: 530 meters of altitude difference in just under 1 hour. #bike09 #
  • RT @instantwebmeets: New From Google Labs: Similar Images and Google News Timeline #
  • – US company ‘to harvest energy from solar rays in space’ #
  • “you better learn it fast, you better learn it young, cause, someday never comes.” – c.c.r. #
  • yuck, i’m jogging uphill and a suicidal fly just made its way to my stomach. estimated heart rate: 215.3 #bike09 #
  • thinking about renaming my blog to “the long way to world domination” ;) #
  • just found @MarsRovers, @MarsPhoenix, @MarsScienceLab and @CassiniSaturn #
  • RT @MarsRovers: So many wins for Spirit and Oppy: Engineering win, science win, and don’t forget the #herebeforeoprah win. #
  • RT: @mashable: Whenever people ask you “what’s the point of Twitter?”, just send em to these extraordinary Tweets: #
  • seems like it’s “give markus a present” day at work: received two gifts in two completely unrelated situations within 10 minutes. :) #
  • now, in order to really celebrate “give markus a present” day, who wants to give me some money? ;) #
  • RT: @almightygod: Green peppers were never even intended for human consumption. Like shrimp and pigs, they’re just for decoration. #
  • want a hug? free hugs today in innsbruck, 13:00, maria-theresienstrasse. :) #
  • – free hugs in innsbruck :) (a few hours ago) #
  • – get’em while they’re free! #freehugs #
  • RT: @zenarchy: Photo: MEAT CARDS: Business Cards Made From MEAT AND LASERS #
  • it’s almost saturday here, but i’d like to recommend quite a funny all-knowing twitterer: @almightygod #followfriday #
  • – strangest lawsuit ever? neighbor (married, 2 children) hired to impregnate wife, then found out to be sterile himself. #
  • RT: @instantwebmeets: Science Question From a Toddler: Insect Sex #
  • our two cockatiels act all cute and chirpy when somebody enters the room. i think they’re up to something! #
  • dam’it, dam’it! i seem to have lost a handful of photos. not backed up. glad it’s just a few. :-\ #
  • did you know: biodiesel can speed up biodegradation of crude oil on contaminated beaches. #
  • RT @god: McTurtle? God is speechless… #
  • RT: @instantwebmeets: Intel launches mystery “Fsdfsda” product #
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