free hugs in innsbruck – take 2

free hugs in innsbruck

2.5 years ago, my friend lisa and a few of her friends copied the infamous free-hug-video from australia and offered free hugs in innsbruck.
back then, i had just planned to stop by and take some pictures for her, but ended up joining in when i saw the sincere reactions of the passing pedestrians.
this happened far too long ago, and today, we did a rerun of the project.
lisa and members of her registered club made signs that said “gratis umarmungen” (free hugs), and some of the members came along to hug. barbara and i came along, too, and this year i was both hugging and taking pictures.

just when we came together, the drizzle (that had been going on all day) stopped and the sun came out.
we decided go to maria-theresien-strasse in the center of town, just like last time. unfortunately, this year, more than half of the pedestrian area is one big construction site, but that circumstance also helped “channel” the pedestrians a bit.
about halfway through the event, two friendly punks happened to walk by, and decided to join in, too. :)

as before, the reactions were stunning: cute elderly ladies giving a wholehearted smile, younger folk stopping their bikes fur a hug, and pedestrians walking towards us with open arms from 10 meters away. there was an incredible amount of positive energy..

less than 20 minutes after we stopped, it started to rain again.

[view photos: free hugs in innsbruck]

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  1. Markus, you and your friends rock! What a heartwarming and wonderful and brave thing to do. Well, one day when I finally meet you I hope I can have a free hug too! :)

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