twitter weekly: 2009-04-19

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  • – “church ad” about the meaning of easter. first time i saw it, i thought it was a t-mobile advertisement. #
  • – an inflation of 230 million percent? wow! #
  • dammit, sms tweet didn’t work. here they come again… #
  • anton and i just nearly completed the universal world formula, but lost track when we took a wrong turn in hatting while training. #bike09 #
  • universal world formula a.k.a. anrwer to life, the universe and everything. (14:03) #bike09 #
  • 99,2 km today – not too bad i guess. sunburn. bad sunburn. #bike09 #
  • RT: @rdlowry: – original fisherman vs bear #
  • – a historic case in ecuador: poachers face imprisonment for illegal fishing activities in galapagos. first time ever. #
  • we were just invited to the casting for a talent contest tv-show in munich, germany. this is how they found us (lol): #
  • RT @Astronautics: Kepler has taken first images of star-rich sky where it will soon begin hunting for planets like Earth. #
  • “fan death” is a south korean urban legend which states that overnight, an electric fan in a closed room can cause death . #
  • microsoft songsmith and the original: the police – roxanne. and #
  • haha: we will rock you – queen vs microsoft songsmith. #
  • – princess leia on the loose! #
  • i have a couple of things on today’s to-do-(should-have-been-done-already)-list, but i’m stuck deciding what to do first. :-\ #
  • *singing* i’m tweeting in the train :) #
  • to all you #HDR gurus out there – what is the best method to convert 32bit to 8bit in photoshop? is “local adaptation” recommendable? #
  • #HDR note: after local adaptation, i’m toying with levels to adjust gamma and overall brightness. any input? #
  • – one picture about today. #
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