twitter weekly: 2009-04-13

  • – a visualization of dollars #
  • my first “official” bike training unit was completed this afternoon. had to find my way through creeks and an avalanch. #
  • i hear there’s a google streetview camera-car driving around here – even in the rural areas outside of innsbruck. #
  • – a megamouth shark was caught and sauteed in the philippines. it marks the 41st sighting of this species, ever. sad. #
  • one thing more annoying than the dentist calling me ahead of EVERY appointment (twice today): a dentist doing work inside my mouth. #
  • bike training day nr.4: went 18 km/h and was passed by a bumblebee. #bike09 #
  • – biking day nr4. #bike09 #
  • – i think i’m going to see this a lot, this year. #bike09 #
  • i don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. maybe that makes it even stranger, to realize i can’t just “stop [insert word here] anytime i want”. #
  • very nice: #
  • xkcd: “photoshopped!” #
  • testing twitter-integration in facebook. can you hear me now? #
  • kill bill 1 and 2, in 60 seconds. #

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